The Innovation Award granted us more international sales

The Innovation Award granted us more international sales

11. April 2023  ·  Ukategorisert

Every year, the Nor-Fishing Foundation presents the Innovation Award to an innovative player in the aquaculture or fishing industry. The application deadline for 2023 is now approaching – and the previous winner at Aqua Nor encourages applications: ­– When we won, we received a lot of media attention. Potential customers heard about us. The Award has definitely contributed to the sales we have had, says General Manager of SeaRAS Eldar Lien.

In 2021, the technology company SeaRAS won the Innovation Award of NOK 100,000 for its pioneering hydrogen sulphide meter. It attracted international attention.

“Winning the Innovation Award is a door opener to new markets. Many international companies follow what happens at Aqua Nor. The innovation award has had a great effect on global interest in us,” says Lien.

International clients

Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that is toxic to fish. The gas is particularly challenging in closed aquaculture facilities. SeaRAS has developed a precise meter that allows breeders to monitor the levels of hydrogen sulphide in water, in real time. Today, the solution is used in both Canada, Chile and Norway – and in several of the research environments in Norway.

“As entrepreneurs, we used all the channels available to reach the market; The Innovation Award is one of them. We felt that we were sitting on a rather unique technology, and decided to apply – and when we won, it gave us great media attention. Potential customers heard about us. The Award has definitely contributed to the sales we have had,” Lien elaborates.

The Award is a stamp of quality

Lien points out that there is a need for more knowledge about the water environment in closed facilities. Researchers are still working to collect information on factors that affect fish health.

“The industry is not fully educated about what affects fish health. On the other hand, there has been a lack of well-developed technology that precisely measures all the various substances in the water. When we developed the hydrogen sulphide meter, it was known that the gas was dangerous for the fish, and that millions of fish died every year due to high levels and sudden release of the gas. Precision in the measurements is important even if you already know that the gas is bad for fish health – because with precise data and real-time monitoring, the fish farmers can make better decisions.”

He reveals that SeaRAS recently developed a new instrument for real-time measurement of ammonia (TAN).

“Today, samples are collected manually and analyzed once a day. Our new instrument takes samples and analyzes the levels continuously, so that the fish farmer can react more quickly if the levels become too high.”

Lien and his colleagues still use the Innovation Award as a stamp of quality when they present the technology to potential customers.

“The Award has been of great importance to us as a young entrepreneurial company. I recommend others who work on innovative technology to apply for this year’s Award. Yes, it takes some work to put the application together, but it’s worth it with all the attention you get if you win!”

The deadline for applying for this year’s Innovation Award is May 15th.