Book a stand (only digital stands available)

Aqua Nor 2023 is now fully booked. We recommend those who have not been given an exhibitor space to participate as a digital exhibitor in the digital exhibition platform.

Aqua Nor 2023 will be carried out as a hybrid trade fair. This means that all exhibitors who sign up will have both a physical stand in Trondheim – and a digital stand in the digital exhibition platform. You can choose to be only a digital exhibitor if you wish. See price overview further down the page.

Prices stand rent Aqua Nor 2023

See price overview below for stand rental during Aqua Nor 2023.

In 2023 the registration fee for pavilions is set at NOK 25,000 ex VAT for up to 20 companies, and then NOK 1000 ex VAT per company above this number. Stands that build an extra floor pay 50 % of the standard square meter price for floor area on floor #2. Square meter price is calculated from the square meter price in the hall where you are allocated space.

Space is allocated to the extent possible in the various halls. The organizer has the right to adjust and possibly reduce the area applied for.

The digital stand is included in the registration fee for all exhibitors. If you want to exhibit digitally, you only pay a registration fee of NOK. 15000, ex VAT

The stand rental fees per m² during Aqua Nor 2023 are as follows:
Prices ex VAT

 HallPrice (ex VAT)
Registration Fee (binding)9.900,-
*Registration fee pavilion (binding)25.000,-
Digital stand only15.000,-
Hall A 2.990 per m²
Hall D2.550 per m²
Hall E (In addition to regular exhibitors, Hall E will focus on startups and scaleups if there are enough exhibitors in these categories)1.900 per m²
Hall F2.550 per m²
Hall G2.350 per m²
Hall B1.990 per m²
Hall C1.990 per m²
Hall H1.990 per m²
Extra story50 % per m²
Main entrance hall2.200 per m²
Outdoors Trondheim Spectrum1.370 per m²
Outdoors Skansen1.100 per m²

* The registration fee for pavilions is set at NOK 25.000 ex VAT, up to 20 companies, NOK 1000 ex VAT per company above this number. Pavilions get one digital stand in the digital trade fair platform. Co-exhibitors can buy their own digital stand for NOK 15.000 ex VAT

Book a stand/boat space at Skansen

The Port of Trondheim accepts bookings for boats, vessels and other objects to be moored at the quay, floating dock and at the wave attenuator.

Nor-Fishing accepts bookings for stands, tents and other objects on land.

Floating dock /Water mirror/ Wave breaker, vessels up to 25m length:

Anything that floats and that needs a mooring place at the floating dock/water level/wave damper for a boat, vessel or similar up to 25m in length must contact Trondheim Harbor for a reservation.

Contact address:

Ordinary quay Ila Pir/vessels over 25m in length:

Boats, vessels or the like over 25m in length must report this to the Port of Trondheim via the Coastal Agency’s Safe Sea Net portal.

Go to the SafeSeaNet reporting portal

Here you can read more about SafeSeaNet Norway.

Land area and area of ​​the wave attenuator:

Aqua Nor accepts bookings for stands, tents and other objects on land.

Exhibition stands, tents or similar, either on land or at the wave attenuator, orders this in the registration form which will be made available on 26 September.