These regulations apply to all exhibitors and all personnel who participate in the rigging periods before and during the exhibition, as well as during the exhibition itself. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that the regulations are complied with by all persons associated with the stand.


  • It is forbidden to make any kind of changes to and in the arena’s furnishings and facilities, including – but not limited to – all forms of bolting and drilling. It is not allowed to use tape on solid walls and columns in the arena.
  • When transporting different types of pictures, trucks, lifts, jack trolleys and the like. Great care must be taken with regard to floors, lists, doorsteps and the like. Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damage caused to the arena, personnel or other exhibitors’ material. All damage to the arena and facilities in and on the arena must be reported immediately to the exhibition organizer. The exhibitor must be able to document sufficient insurance of the said liability.
  • Rigging and construction of stands can only take place during the current opening hours. See opening hours at the bottom of this document.
  • If the weight of goods and equipment exceeds 1,000 kg / m², the exhibitor must cover the costs of the necessary foundations or reinforcements. Due to technical building conditions in the halls, the organizer reserves the right to reject particularly heavy exhibits.
  • The organizer takes care of security from the start of the installation until it ends, but is not responsible for the exhibitor’s goods, equipment and assets. The exhibitor must cover all necessary insurance.
  • The exhibitor must arrange for all transport and assembly / disassembly of own goods and decoration materials. The exhibitor must mark goods, decoration materials and packaging with the exhibitor’s name and stand number.
  • The organizer makes containers available where waste is to be thrown away. Waste must only be disposed of in accordance with the labelling of containers. Exhibitor / rig personnel are responsible for disposing of the correct waste in the correct container.
  • All sawing and other rough work must be done outdoors. The organizer will set up special work tents for this. It is not allowed to clean paint brushes etc. in the toilets in the arena.
  • It is not permitted to place or store goods or equipment on stands other than one’s own.
  • When the exhibition has been dismantled, the stand must be left free of decorations, foundations, etc. The organizer has the right to carry out any necessary clean-up work at the exhibitor’s expense.
  • Highly flammable substances, decorations and carpets must be fire proofed. During inspection, it must be possible to submit documentation.
  • Emergency exits and escape routes shall at all times be open and without obstacles of any kind. It is not permitted to hang posters or other advertising material that covers emergency exit signs.
  • Fire detectors and extinguishing equipment must be easily accessible. It is not permitted to cover or in any way block these.
  • The arena does not have parking spaces available during the exhibition, and to a very limited extent in the rigging periods before and after the exhibition.


  • All exhibitors and associated personnel must comply with Norwegian laws and regulations related to HSE. The Working Environment Act must be followed in the rigging periods before and after the exhibition, as well as during the actual implementation. This especially applies to work at heights and the use of protective equipment.
  • When working at heights, safety equipment such as fall protection and helmets must be used, in accordance with current regulations. Random inspection will be carried out throughout the rigging period.
  • When using work machines, the operator of the machine must have the necessary operator certificate of competence. At inspection, this must be presented.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the arena, only in designated places outdoors. Violation of this may result in expulsion from the exhibition area.
  • It is not permitted to drink alcohol inside or outside the arena during the rigging periods before and after the exhibition. Violation of this will result in permanent expulsion from the exhibition area.
  • If the personnel does not follow the current regulations, the exhibitor will be given a warning. If the breaches of the regulations are repeated, all work related to the exhibitor’s stand will be stopped until the exhibition organizer is confident that no new breaches will occur.
  • All personnel working in the exhibition area before, during and after the exhibition must be registered on arrival every day and scanned in and out of the arena.


  • In the rigging periods before and during the exhibition, everyone who works in the exhibition area must carry out a Covid-19 rapid test before given access to the exhibition area for the first time. The exhibition organizer provides this service free of charge.
  • If you have symptoms of Covid-19, you should stay away from the exhibition area until you are symptom-free, or have taken tests that are negative and in line with the Norwegian authorities’ current guidelines for this.
  • Everyone who works with rigging before and after the exhibition must use a face mask when moving in common areas and other areas where there are a lot of people. It is not mandatory to wear a face mask at the stand you are working on.
  • Remember good hand hygiene and disinfect all surfaces regularly.
  • Upon first arrival at the exhibition area, everyone will be asked a number of control questions related to Covid-19, which must be answered before access is given.


Monday 16 August to Sunday 22 August from 08:00 to 20:00

Monday 23 August from 08:00 to 20:00

NB! External stand builders must have completed all rough work (carpentry, etc) in all halls by Saturday 21 August at 20:00 and can use Sunday 22 August for fine work (profiling)


Friday 27 August: kl. 15.00–22.00

Saturday 28 August: at 09.00–20.00

Sunday 29 August: at 09.00–20.00

There will be a guard on duty at the exhibition area until Monday, August 30 at 12:00 p.m.