Aqua Nor Conference Monday August 21st: “More food from the oceans. Contributing to the green shift through expanding aquaculture production”

Experience a day full of interesting and current topics. On Monday August 21, the exhibition week kicks off with the Aqua Nor Conference “More food from the oceans – Contributing to the green shift through expanding aquaculture production”.

— This year we present a professional program that emphasize the importance of the marine resources found in the sea, and how expanding aquaculture production is contributing to the green shift. This is a very relevant topic, not only in Norway, but also in a global perspective, says Karl Andreas Almås, special adviser and aquaculture expert at SINTEF Ocean and co-organizer of the conference.

Time: Monday  August 21st,  9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Clarion Hotel Trondheim
Language: English
Price: 1900,-

Includes: Participation, lunch, and servings of coffee/ fruit/ snacks

This year’s program

The conference is divided into three distinct parts, with many interesting topics.

The program will be updated continuously with topics and speakers. All lectures is held in English.

10:00-10:15The impact of climate change on the global food production – Manuel Barange, FAO
10:15-12:00Contributing to the green shift
10:15-10:30Food production in the sea contributing to the climate solution – Peter Haugan – Project Director, Institute of Marine Research
10:30-10:45Seaweeds: Key to the turquoise shift at the intersection of the blue and green worlds –
Thierry Chopin, Univ. New Brunswick, St. John, Canada
10:45-11:00Feed as a limiting factor for carnivore aquaculture growth – Karl Almås, SINTEF Ocean
11:00-11:15The power of genetics – Trina Galloway – Manager of external relations and CSR, AquaGen
11:15-12:00Q&A: Sea vs. land – Dr Bente E. Torstensen
13:00-14:30Focus on production
13:00-13:45New aquaculture concepts. Report from China. Deep blue – Prof. Gao Qin-feng – Ocean University of China
13:45-14:00What happens in the Mediterranean hatcheries? Nikolaos Mitrizakis, CFEED
14:00-14:15Shrimp production in Asia. Environmental limits – Prof. Patrick Sorgeloss
14:15-14:30Asian marine fish; an ocean of opportunities – Patrick Waty, CEO, INVE Belgium
14:30-15:00Coffee break
15:00-16:30Factors limiting more food from the oceans
15:00-15:15Biodiversity, a limiting factor for more food from the oceans? Rachel Tiller – Chief Scientist, SINTEF Ocean
15:15-15:30Is energy price & capacity a show-stopper for substainable growth? Svein Olav Munkeby – CEO, NTE Marked
15:30-15:45Investing in blue future – Thomas W. Grieg – Investment Director, Grieg Kapital
15:45-16:00An attractive low trophic menu? – Jonas Nåvik
16:00-16:30Summary of the day – Arne Hjeltnes and Karl Almås