Aqua Nor Digital is now open for everyone

Aqua Nor Digital is now open for everyone

7. September 2021  ·  Ukategorisert

Relive Aqua Nor digitally! The digital trade fair platform is now open for everyone, and will remain open until July 31st 2022. Log into your existing account, or register for free to see the highlights from this year’s trade fair, professional content – and stay in touch with your network.

More than 10.000 people have visited Aqua Nor Digital, both during and after the trade fair days in Trondheim. All the content from the trade fair is now uploaded to the platform – and the platform is open to everyone. In the coming months, there will be two half-day events at Aqua Nor Digital; the first will take place on the platform in November, the second will be broadcast in March 2022.

Log in or register for free to see the upcoming broadcasts, professional and social content from the trade fair days, and get in touch with the many hundreds of exhibitors who have a digital stand!

Were you a visitor during Aqua Nor 2021? Then just log in with your existing account. If you did not visit this year’s trade fair, you can register for free to gain access.

How to register

  1. Click the button above to access Aqua Nor Digital. Choose the option to “sign up”. After filling in the contact information and going through the privacy settings, you can edit your profile.
  2. On the “edit profile” page you can upload a photo of yourself, create your digital business card, and connect with your network right away. You can skip this step and do it later.
  3. After finishing the registration, you will be taken to your own profile page. From here you can visit the trade fairs that are available to you; to visit Aqua Nor 2021, simply click our banner and surf around on Aqua Nor Digital.
  4. The digital content is available in the “Webinar” area. All exhibitor stands are available under “Exhibitor”.

Enjoy Aqua Nor Digital!