Danes bring technology for improving energy efficiency to Aqua Nor 2021

Danes bring technology for improving energy efficiency to Aqua Nor 2021

19. August 2021  ·  Ukategorisert

Danish suppliers hold a strong position in the aquaculture industry and are ready to meet the Norwegian and international markets at Aqua Nor in Trondheim Spektrum, when it opens on 24 August. The Danish suppliers bring high quality solutions that support the industry in e.g. improving energy efficiency and reducing the overall carbon footprint.

36 Danish companies are present at the Pavilion of Denmark, where they will be showcasing a wide range of solutions developed based on many years of experience in the aquaculture industry. According to Martin Winkel Lilleøre, Head of Fish Tech, Danish Export Association, the organiser of the Pavilion of Denmark, the Danish companies bring technology that can support the aquaculture industry in the move towards a more energy efficient production of farmed fish: 

“Right now, we are really experiencing a move in the industry towards increased attention to circular thinking, optimization and energy efficiency in production while still meeting the growing demand for farmed fish. Accordingly, this offers great potential for Danish suppliers that hold a position as front-runners in developing new technology with a strong focus on high quality solutions, cost-efficiency, and sustainability,” says Martin Winkel Lilleøre.

Danish Export – Fish Tech is the largest Danish export network gathering suppliers to the global fishing, aquaculture, and fish/seafood processing industries.

Larger facilities demand new technology

One of the Danish companies at the Pavilion of Denmark is Danfoss A/S that works across the entire value chain in the aquaculture market and supports the industry in reducing the overall carbon footprint. Ian Jones, Head – Food Production at Danfoss Climate Solutions explains that the market is developing and demands new technology:

“We see a significant increase in opportunities for land-based fish farms and many farm operators are looking into recirculation aquaculture systems that recirculate 95 per cent of the water. Facilities are getting larger and are producing fish to the final grow out and this demands new technology.”

Reuse waste heat

Danfoss Climate Solutions provide both technology, product expertise and test facilities and work closely together with fish farm operators and turnkey providers in selecting the right equipment and sizing it for their facilities.

“The industry is looking for partners that can support them in the selection of the right equipment across the entire value chain. What we are seeing now is also the opportunity for utilizing waste heat in the facility and working with the heating supplier in the municipal to put heat back into district energy,” says Ian Jones and continues:

“In addition to this, controlling temperature of the water tanks through the selection of heat pumps, chillers, AC drives, heat exchangers or the adoption of natural refrigerants by utilizing our application knowledge is where we support farm operators and turnkey providers while always maintaining a focus on energy efficiency and ongoing maintenance costs.”

Welcome to Pavilion of Denmark

Meet Danfoss A/S at Pavilion of Denmark where you can meet, connect, and engage with representatives and experts from all the Danish companies on Pavilion of Denmark. More than 30 companies form the Pavilion of Denmark at Aqua Nor 2021 and is physically located in halls A-190 & D-375 at Aqua Nor, where you can meet:

A-Consult A-190

Aller Aqua A/S D-375

Alumichem A/S D-375

AS Scan D-375

AUMA Denmark A-190

BactiQuant A/S D-375

BEMA A/S A-190

Blue-Unit A/S A-190

Cobalia A-190

Cowex A/S A-190

Danfoss A/S A-190

Dania Plast A/S D-375


DK Transportbaand ApS A-190

Dunlop A-190

Graintec A/S D-375

Hirtshals Havn A-190

Hydrotech by Veolia D-375

IRAS A/S D-375

Kjærgaard Maskinfabrik A/S A-190


KSK Aqua ApS D-375

Landia A/S D-375

LP Kolding A/S A-190

LSM Pumper A-190

OxyGuard International A/S A-190

Oxymat A/S A-190

RecyclePit ApS A-190



Salling Plast A/S A-190

ScanBelt A/S D-375

Scanvægt Systems AS A-190

Sika Footwear A/S A-190

Uni-Food Technic A/S D-375

Water ApS – a part of OxyGuard Group A-190

About Danish Export – Fish Tech


Martin Winkel Lilleøre, Head of Fish Tech, Danish Export Association, maw@danishexport.dk, +45 6020 8557

Ian Jones, Head – Food Production at Danfoss Climate Solutions, ian.jones@danfoss.com, +44 7725 826136