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Airbnb is a popular option for many visitors when the hotels are fully booked. An overview of available rooms on Airbnb can be found here.

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Experience Life at Frosta Brygge

Frosta Brygge offers hotel accommodation, transport, and a range of exciting activities to enrich your experience. If you are on the lookout for unique accommodation, we recommend researching the availability at Frosta Brygge.

Combine Your Trip to Trondheim with a Stay at Frosta Brygge

The borough of Frosta stretches out into the fjord of Trondheim. With its distinct cultural landscape and breathtaking nature, Frosta is the ideal location for activities such as hiking or trekking, or for sea-based activities like fishing. Treat yourself to a break and enjoy lazy days at Frosta Brygge with delicious seafood, views of the fjord, and the sound of lapping waves.

By Air from Trondheim

Start your stay at Frosta Brygge with a spectacular journey across the fjord. Surprise your travel companions with a helicopter ride taking you from Trondheim to Frosta. If you prefer to travel by sea, Frosta Brygge can provide speedy transport by RIB for up to 12 people.

Local Seafood

Frosta Brygge serves exquisite seafood from its very own seafood restaurant. Local ingredients and flavors have the spotlight, where the food is enjoyed with a stunning view of the fjord.

Frosta Brygge has 14 newly refurbished double rooms, so grab the opportunity to wake up feeling rejuvenated to the sound of waves and marine life. Enjoy a delicious breakfast and a refreshing walk along the seaside as you get ready for the day.

Jotunheimen – bar, shuffleboard and gaming

Welcome to Norway’s largest gaming center at Kjøpmannsgata 63 in the center of Trondheim. We have a large selection of beer, wine, mineral water, and snacks.

At Jotunheimen E-sport Center you can choose to play shuffleboard or start a gaming session on one of our 90 fully equipped gaming machines, consoles, VR, and car simulators.

Pay us a visit for a unique experience!