Download the Aqua Nor 2023 app now

The exhibition app for Aqua Nor 2023 is launched. This year, the app has several new functions that will make your participation easier. For example, the app will now have the sought after scanning-function that allows you to scan badges and stands, automatically saving contact information of exhibitors and visitors on your phone. 

Additionally, the app now has a map-solution that allows you to easily navigate the exhibition area. 

Some of the functions you will find in the Aqua Nor app:

  • Scanning of badges/(visitors)
  • Scanning of stands/(exhibitors)
  • Easy navigation in the exhibition area
  • All your tickets to different events
  • Complete exhibitor list
  • Practical information and map
  • An overview of food services and other facilities.

Download the app today

Plan your stay and familiarize yourself with the exhibition area well in advance of your visit to Aqua Nor 2023. Explore seminars, social events and the official program in the app. Here you will find all useful information gathered in one place. From the Aqua Nor app you can also easily access Aqua Nor Digital.

How to download the app

You can download the app in both Google Play and App Store. Search for “Aqua Nor” and you will find the app.

You can use the Aqua Nor app without logging in, but you must create a user to view your own profile, receive notifications to your inbox and use the scanning functionality.