Digital event: Seaweed production and technology development in Europe

Digital event: Seaweed production and technology development in Europe

25. October 2021  ·  Ukategorisert

The largest seaweed producers are located in Asia. Simultaneously, several research and development projects within the seaweed segment has been initiated by the EU. In collaboration with SINTEF Ocean and NTNU Ocean, Aqua Nor invites both producers of seaweed and kelp and developers and suppliers of technology to a digital half-day event, examining the possibilities for future collaboration.

Digital half-day symposium: «Seaweed production; Technological possibilities and challenges»

November 24th,
from 9am – 12pm CET



How to participate

The symposium is held on Aqua Nor Digital. Participation is free for everyone. Follow the link below to create a user on the platform.

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A meeting place for producers and suppliers

European nations such as Norway, Denmark and Scotland have a long history with fish farming, and thus several companies who specialize in developing equipment for the aqua culture industry, whether it be vessels, farming methods or other solutions that can be applied to seaweed production.

The symposium will highlight ongoing R&D projects, technological development and opportunities for innovation within the global seaweed production.

Jorunn Skjermo at SINTEF Ocean will be the host of the Symposium.


09:00-09:05Introduction to symposiumKarl Almås, SINTEF Ocean
 The global picture 
09:05-09:20Global Seeweed productionDr. Rohana Subasinghe
09:20-09:35Global compactErik Giercksky, UN Global Compact
 European challenges and opportunities 
09:35-09:50Ongoing initiatives Jon Funderud, CEO Seaweed Solutions AS
09:50-10:05Perspectives on the European seaweed industryAdrien Vincent, Programme Director, Seaweed for Europe – SYSTEMIQ
 Technological development  
10:05-10:20Ongoing projectsSilje Forbord, Senior Scientist , SINTEF Ocean
10:20-10:35Seafarming and harvestingEivind Lona, Scientist, SINTEF Ocean
10:35-11:20Plenary discussion Debate leader: Jorunn Skjermo, Ph.D, Senior Scientist, SINTEF Ocean
Participant: Dr. Rohana Subasinghe
Participant: Kim Kristiansen, CEO Arctic Seaweed
Participant: Eva Helen Rognskog, Satpos
Participant: Erik Giercksky, UN Global Compact

The platform is open

The digital trade fair platform is open and available right now for everyone. On the platform you can visit a number of exciting exhibitors, view recordings and program from the trade fair days in Trondheim, and explore the numerous ways to connect with others in the aquaculture industry.