Practical information Aqua Nor 2021

Safe trade fair participation

Aqua Nor 2021 is arranged in accordance with the infection control guide for trade fairs, which has been prepared by Standard Norge. This means that the fair follows specific guidelines, developed and implemented to ensure good infection control throughout the fair, and that we plan for a safe gathering in Trondheim.

Coffee for the stand

New this year: You need to order coffee for your stand. Order here.

Delivery of goods

Exhibitor’s name and stand number + Aqua Nor 2021
C/O B Iversen Spedisjon AS
Hegstadmoen 47
Tel: 950 22 400

We request that no goods is sent directly to the exhibition area until the delivery has been approved by B Iversen Spedisjon AS:

Our subcontractors for trade fair material

Our subcontractors contact information is available here.

Our sub-contractors will help you to get the most out of your Aqua Nor participation. Exhibitors log in and order equipment here. Username and password for the portal has been sent to the exhibitors registered contact person.

Assembly times:

  • Saturday August 21st    7am – 8pm
  • Sunday August 22nd    7am – 8pm
  • Monday August 23rd   7am – 6pm

Assembly activities must end Monday at 6pm due to cleaning of all exhibition halls.

External stand builders will have access to the exhibition area starting Monday August 17th, but must finish all rough construction by 8pm Saturday August 21st. The exhibition hall is open Sunday August 22nd and can be used for “finer work” such as profiling, decorating the stand etc.

Disassembly times

Disassembly can begin Friday at 3pm. To ensure smooth and fast delivery of packaging after the trade fair, no trailers or other cars may enter the exhibition area before approximately 5pm on Friday.

  • Friday August 27th           3pm – 10pm
  • Saturday August 28th      9am – 8pm
  • Sunday August 29th           9am – 12pm

The outdoor area must be cleared by 8pm Monday August 30th.

Opening Hours – Admission to the trade fair

  • Tuesday August 24th           10am – 5pm
  • Wednesday August 25th      10am – 5pm
  • Thursday August 26th          10am – 5pm
  • Friday August 27th               10am – 3pm

Exhibitors have access to the exhibition area one hour before opening hours, and must leave the area within half an hour of the fair closing.

Cleaning of stand

All stands are vacuumed every night and emptied of trash.

Admission cards for exhibitors

You will find the link for registering admission cards in Veso, where you also order equipment for the stand. Username and password for the portal has been sent to your registered contact person.


A free shuttle-bus will transport visitors from selected hotels to and from the exhibition area every day. Observe that there is no return-bus on the last day of the fair (Friday August 27th). See bus routes


There are no parking spaces on the exhibition area. There are several parking garages in the city centre. See for availability.